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This is the Black Millenial Money podcast, where we talk about how you can MAKE more money, KEEP more money, INVEST your money and SPEND your money on the finer things in life from a black millennial perspective.

We are your go to podcast for personal finance tips!

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the "plug" for a generation of black people by providing them with the resources and information they need to become financially independent and succeed at the highest levels.

Why Black?

We believe that the global black community is unique and diverse but faces similar challenges no matter where we are located in the world. We are confident that we can overcome these changes and rise as a community but it will take intentional action from likeminded people from our community.

At Black Millennial Money, we will help those that want to build a different future for our community to get access to the people and resources that will help them succeed.

Why Millennials?

Millennials of all races have unprecedented access to information and opportunities to build wealth and financial independence. This is even more acute in the black community. Black people have historically been excluded from participating in the economy as a group. Individuals have succeeded against the odds but as a community, we are still at the bottom of every prosperity indicator.

This doesn't have to be the case in the future. By starting Black Millennial Money we will be supporting black millennials around the world to take advantage of the opportunities they have. If we succeed we could change the prospects for the black community globally in one generation.

Why Money?

Money is possibly the most powerful tool and resource on earth. With enough of it, there is no limit to what you can build and achieve. If you have too little there is no limit to the pain and sadness you could face. 

We want to teach our community how to make, keep, invest and spend money, so they will have more than enough.


Black Millennial Money


Joseph Nwosu

Founder, Black Millennial Money